AdPack looks at tissues differently. To us, tissue packs are low cost, high impact tools for innovative advertising. They are a new and unanticipated way to grab a consumer's attention. First developed in Japan and now seen there as a marketing staple, tissue pack advertising adds functionality and staying power to a brand's message in a way traditional media cannot. So, we are now introducing this alternative marketing tool that has found enormous success in Japan to Western advertising. We strive to diversify advertising through our pocket sized "ad spaces", and put your branded message into the hands of your most targeted customers.

And, AdPack is proudly dedicated to going green. We have an ongoing commitment to incorporating sustainable and renewable sources in our products. All of the paper we use comes from renewable resources, and we also now offer bio-degradable tissues and packaging. To find out more, please [contact us] or visit our [green page].


Catering to each client individually, we act as a full service advertising resource and develop product programs with our clients from their campaign's inception to final distribution.

We offer creative development, production, and distributive services. Whether brand building or driving customer action, we work with clients to strategically target the best prospects and effectively reach out to them. Our products are utilized by direct mailers, product promoters, or as compliments to brand building. And as an additional distributive service, our programs allow clients to utilize various measured response vehicles to track their ROI. For more detailed information of our services provided, [contact us] or visit our [applications] page for a closer look at our work.


At AdPack we offer a wide range of adspaces mainly revolving around, of course, tissues. Whether you'd prefer to use a box, a pack, a fan, or even a towel, we can fully assist in your efforts to create a bold, unique, and most of all memorable piece of alternative advertising. Nearly all of the materials we use to create our adspaces come from renewable resources, and we also offer a specific tissue pack that is made up of entirely biodegradable materials. To learn more about our green efforts, go to [green options].


Traditionally, tissue packs have simply been handed out on busy Japanese streets. We’ve used this model as a launching point, but have added strategic and creative twists to our distributions. Most recently we are developing several [direct mail campaigns] that shift tissue pack advertising from an out-of-home marketing tool to a strategic in-home concept; adding a new dimension of effectiveness to our products. Our [case studies] more specifically highlight the cost effectiveness and measured ROI of our programs.

Also, in an effort to keep ourselves fresh and welcome others to experiment with tissue pack advertising, we hold an annual [contest] for creatives to design a tissue pack campaign for their existing or prospective clients.


Direct mail remains one of the most effective forms of western marketing. Traditional direct mail targets consumers in their homes by presenting them with a written message or offer; addressing the consumer for an instant. But, when coupled with tissue pack advertising, it's staying power is resounding.

In our direct mail pieces we offer an additional branded reminder which comes in the form of a tissue pack. This pack and it's messaging stay in consumers homes, pockets, handbags, and memories far longer than most any other piece of direct mail.

We have begun to launch several direct mail campaigns and can assist with everything from concept development to production. For more information please [contact us].


Alka-Seltzer Plus®Winter Distribution [play movie]

We’ve worked closely with Bayer's agency of record, [Initiative] and their out-of-home agency [Outdoor Services (OSI)] over the past 6 months in order to create this highly integrated campaign. The result is a 750,000 Alka–Seltzer Plus® branded tissue pack distribution that has hit several winter ski resorts and other winter wonderlands across the country. The packs are equipped with 10 biodegradable tissues, 2 Alka-Seltzer Plus® tablets, and a $1 coupon for savings on Alka-Seltzer Plus® products. Soon, as the campaign comes to a close, we will provide more in-depth information regarding the campaigns measured ROI and our approach to this perfectly integrated effort. Please stay tuned!

Legally Blonde The Musical [play movie]

AdPack USA used a street team of Elle Woods look-alikes - complete with her trusty side-kick dog - Bruiser - to hand out 10,000 "Legally Blonde" branded tissue packs to New York City tourists and locals. Inside the tissue packs, were coupons for tickets to the Broadway muscial. Patrons could redeem the offer at the box office or through Ticketmaster's website, using the code TISSUE, as written on the included coupon.

The Legally Blonde/AdPack partnership saw great success, generating $150,000 in ticket sales through the $10,000 campaign.

Commerce Bank [play movie]

Commerce Bank, an institution that has vigorously defined itself as caring and convenient, used AdPack as a means of further strengthening their brand and publicizing their services. As a result, Commerce Bank made contact with 2,400,000 customers through intercept marketing and personally distributing the customized Commerce Bank tissue packs.





AdPack launched in 2004, to introduce the Japanese phenomenom of tissue pack advertising to the Western market. AdPack specializes in low cost, high impact advertising and intercept marketing. We work with clients to develop effective strategies for reaching out to potential consumers while delivering high quality product programs through our "adspaces".

AdPack's mission is to give advertisers and clients an alternative to traditional Western marketing, by introducing an advertising concept that has reached huge success in Japan.


Headquartered in New York, AdPack is a division of ITOCHU International, the North American subsidiary of Japan's ITOCHU Corporation.

Founder Chubei Itoh established ITOCHU in 1858 as a trading company for linens, drapery, thread, and yarn. The family business continued to grow; diversifying its trading and expanding its operations internationally. Today ITOCHU has grown into a Fortune 500 trading company, offering trading services for more than 20,000 different items, managing a portfolio of 626 subsidiaries and affiliates, and operating in over 80 countries.


In AdPack’s future is the seamless merging and growth of our creative and production services. We will continue to experiment with our unique form of advertising; providing our clients with interesting strategies and alternative advertising [applications]


AdPack has a strong commitment to contributing to a green environment. AdPack's paper and paper products come from responsibly managed forests where biodiversity is conserved and local communities are supported. Our resources are harvested and replanted in New Growth forests. These New Growth forests exchange CO2 and Oxygen at a much faster rate than Old Growth forests, and therefore reduce the impact of carbon gases on the environment as well. We are proudly dedicated to our environment as well as our advertising.

We have also recently developed a [green tissue pack] in which both the packaging and the tissue themselves are not only made from renewable resources, but are biodegradable as well.


We understand that tissue pack advertising is a new and largely unexplored platform and realize you may have several questions about our unique form of advertising. We urge you to contact us with any question whatsoever.




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